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Gooberman Injections
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Gooberman Naltrexone Implants

Naltrexone implants block the effects of heroin and other opiates when inserted under the skin. They gradually release their medication over time.

500 mg Gooberman Naltrexone Implants and 800 mg Gooberman Naltrexone Implants have been developed and used extensively around the world for over 15 years. Extensive experience, challenge results, serum naltrexone levels, and serum saliva levels have been collected. Licensees are using and providing Gooberman Naltrexone Implants.

Gooberman Disulfiram Implants

Gooberman Disulfiram Implants are now available. They use the same patented technology. A 1000 mg Gooberman Disulfiram Implant is available.


Naltrexone in oil injections and disulfiram in oil injections now are available from some licensees.

In the United States, Lance Gooberman, M.D. makes and uses Gooberman Naltrexone Implants, Gooberman Disulfiram Implants and Gooberman Injections at his office only for his patients at the clinic in New Jersey. In addition, My Life Recovery Centers are licensees in the United States.

There are three representatives of Pellet Technologies, L.L.C. who provide Gooberman Naltrexone Implants, Gooberman Disulfiram Implants and Gooberman Injections outside of the US. They include Dr. Moran, located in Hong Kong; also Dmitry Sokolov in Moscow, Russia and Erdinc Can, Turkey. Contact them:

Hong Kong
Dr. Wayne Moran M.B., B.S.
25 Shum Wan Rd.
Mobile +852-94887720
Office +852-25523108
Fax +852-25523117



Moscow, Russia
Gooberman Disulfiram Implants
Dmitry Sokolov
Nizhegorodskaja 25
Moscow 109029, Russia
+7-906-799-00-19 (cell)

Gooberman Naltrexone Implants
Erdinc Can
+90 542 221 7645